HP's Leather Laptop

HP Spectre Folio

HP Spectre Folio

HP has announced a new 2-in-1 laptop that has clever use of leather integral to its design: The Spectre Folio. HP has doing some really nice design work with its laptops in recent years, and paving a visual direction that is quite distinct from the Apple look that a lot of other companies try to mimic. They’ve been working with more sophisticated color combinations and finishes across their consumer to enterprise product line, and the Folio looks to take that to the next level.

While the “Revinventing the PC” tagline they’re using for the Folio may be a bit overblown, it has a couple of unique features.

  1. The leather case: Leather isn’t a new material to laptops and notebook computers (see, for example, the Psion 7 featured here), but HP seems to have treated it more integrally to the form rather than just a layer that is adhered to the metal chassis. I haven’t seen this in person yet, so am curious to see how this was accomplished. But I love that they’re experimenting with this material and bringing a more personal, intimate feel to the device instead of the cold hard aluminum that is more the standard.

  2. Innovative convertible method: HP’s convertibles/2-in-1s have followed the two standard architectures of flip-arounds (their x360 series) or tablet convertibles along the lines of the Surface Pro architecture. The Folio is closer to the latter, but uses a different approach where the screen is pulled forward onto the keyboard base for “tent” mode, and doesn’t require the kickstand for stability as a result. This should make it easier to use in one’s lap. Am curious to give this a try.

Like the Psion 7, HP is also using the flexibility of leather to cover the hinge mechanism, which is an effective and elegant solution.

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