Motorola RAZR flip-phone to make a $1,500?

razr header.png

According to the Wall Street Journal and The Verge, the iconic Motorola RAZR flip-phone might be making a comeback later this year. Some 15 years later, could this return as a $1,500 (not a typo) “flagship” phone?

There seems to be nostalgia for using legacy phones and phone brands recently: witness Palm (in name only) returning to the market, and Nokia and Blackberry still hanging on. (I use a Blackberry KeyOne, which is an Android phone but I love having a physical keyboard again.)

But it seems unlikely that just recreating a modern flip-phone, or slapping the Razr name onto an otherwise nondescript Android phone will work. The original RAZR was a design, fashion and technological leap who’s whole point was to push Motorola away from me-too design-by-committee. A new phone under that name that did anything less would be a disservice to the original.

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